Meet Us at the Pharma Extrusion Academy 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany

We are proud to announce our presence at the Pharma Extrusion Academy 2017, which will be organized by Leistritz between the 30th and 31st of March. The event focuses on operational excellence in the use of pharmaceutical extrusion lines and will feature an intensive training program. Academic researchers and scientific consultants will join Leistritz extrusion experts to discuss the latest industry technology and developments.

Promoting a deeper understanding of extruder technology, the Pharma Extrusion Academy 2017 will include both practical and theoretical activities and settings. Participants will learn how to use quality by design, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), or Design of Experiments (DoE) to optimize product development.

Highlights of the event include a view into the extruder and a presentation of its main components, which promote a deeper understanding of the basis of the pharma extrusion process.

The Pharma Extrusion Academy 2017 will give participants the opportunity to see process changes and their effects on product quality in action.

The program features transfer to the Leistritz Lab in Nuremberg, where participants can see ZSE 18 HP-PH and the ZSE 12 HP-PH pharma extrusion devices in action.

By attending the event, you’ll get the basic knowledge of pharma extrusion, as well as discover the latest technologies in the industry. At the end of the event, the knowledge gained may help you improve product quality, process conditions, and production.

Created with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in mind, the event is ideal for extrusion professionals working in research and development, operations, and production.

At the Pharma Extrusion Academy, our experts will be joined by experts from the Universität Bonn, De Montfort University, MeltPrep GmbH, and SC-Consultants.

Join us at the event to receive a conference file and training certificate.

Event's Profile

Event: Leistritz Pharma Extrusion Academy 2017

Subject: Understanding Pharmaceutical Extrusion Technology

Date: March 30–31, 2017

Program: Location: Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH, Markgrafenstraße 38, 90459

Nürnberg, Germany

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